A user experience design case study of challenging myself to enhance the experience of a book tracking application, Goodreads!

Being an ardent reader, I was always looking out for good books and the designer part of me, who is passionate about products made me explore deep into the digital side of the traditional reading processes and introduced me to the top book tracking and reviewing app, Goodreads.

While play store proves Goodreads having more than 10M downloads, total visits every month comes out to be around 130M and more. But, there is a twist here. …

After a very long design and art block, I finally stood up to myself and faced the reality. This brought me to the Design Hackathon Palette ’21, a great opportunity for the designers to think out of the box and make magical solutions come true through working prototypes!

Palette ’21 is the 4th edition of the distinguished design-a-thon conducted yearly by IEEE VIT. It was a 48 hour long design hack based design-a-thon, started on 27th May, entirely on the concepts of UI & UX .

27th May, 11 pm: Problem Statement distribution.

Each team got a different and unique problem statement, ranging from iOS apps to…


Designer and Undergraduate at IIT Roorkee

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